We will make for you and install a shower cabin made of glass to order. Professional meters and installers. We use different types of materials and fittings to create shower cabins and shower partitions of any design and design, install on pallets or without pallets. From us you will be able to order glass for shower cabin according to individual sizes and project. We will carry out delivery of the article and its installation.

  • We make open and sliding shower cabins, shower partitions from glass and curtains for bath
  • Use only hardened safe glass (5-7 times stronger than usual)
  • Possibility of application of hydrophobic (water-repellent) coating to protect against traces of hard water and microbes
  • Production period – 2-3 weeks. Warranty for hardened glass – 5 years.
  • Glass thickness in shower room 8 or 10 mm
  • Regular, clarified, matted or tinted glass
  • Possibility of sandblasting, painting with ceramic paints and engraving
  • Measurement, delivery and installation of shower cabins, glass doors for shower cabins
  • Install shower fence both on finished pallets of various materials and without pallet on the floor surface
  • Cash and cashless payment forms, bank cards. Payment installments up to 5 months.
  • We invite interior designers and architects to cooperate.
Bespoke Corner Shower Screen/Enclosure

Bespoke Corner Shower Screen

Bespoke 2 Panels Shower Screen Sliding Gear

Bespoke Sliding Shower Screen

Single Panel shower screen

Bespoke Single Panel Shower Screen

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